About me

Capturing the most hidden detail, funny moment that will remain in stories for years to come, spontaneous smile, without interfering in the course of event - that's the photography attitude I lean towards. Whether it's a small intimate wedding or a glamorous celebration, I capture all the special moments with my camera. Still, I'm always ready to jump into the scenario, for example, if the groom needs to be explained where to put his hand or to show the bride a particular pose that will highlight her femininity. They say I'm pretty good at this last one.

I'm born in Split, in love with mountain climbing, nature and everything that pleases my eye. I've been working and living in Dubrovnik for years now. Things that make me happy are spending time with my wife and kids, the time that they let me spend resting from my wife and kids and the moment of sincere happiness on the faces of newlyweds or parents when they take the first look at the album of their wedding, baptisation or any other day they wanted to keep inside decorated cover.

Deep inside I'm a perfectionist. I'm one of those people that pick up the vacuum cleaner as soon as they spot a crumb on the floor (don't worry, I rarely vacuum before the first dance), so you can say I give all of myself into the photography as well. Your special day is in safe hands.

The most beautiful, but also the most challenging part is up to you - laugh always and at everything, love each other! Leave keeping Your memories and smiles up to me.

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